Friday, June 10, 2005

Africa Debt Relief ...

Some thoughts on debt relief in Africa. The fact that G8 Countries (primarily the US and Britain) are considering a debt relief package for nations in Africa speaks more to the geo-political realities of the day that a sudden stroke of conscience on the part of Anglo-Saxon "Western" powers seeking a clean slate from the legacy of slavery. Both of the leading "Coalition" powers are assessing the risk of ignoring terrorist activities and money-making opportunities in resource-wealthy sub Saharan Africa. Some questions being asked include: how does global hyperpoverty contribute to "Third World" accusations of Western arrogance, ignorance and racism? Or: how will global poverty contribute to destabilizing Western control?

Enter the need for a quick fix.

Because this is really what it is. Not discussed is the double-standard in Western liberation of dictatorships in oil-rich Middle Eastern countries, but absence of a plan on stopping the proliferation of civil wars and strife in self-destructing African countries. In addition, will simply wiping debt from the treasury rolls of African countries be the cure all for what truly ails the continent? No: it won't even touch the surface. There is a bigger question of the billions in aid squandered and misused annually. Where is the accountability mechanism?