Thursday, November 10, 2005

Senate Window Dressing ...

Check out and get schooled on why yesterday's Joint Senate Hearing on Energy Pricing and Profits blew gallons of polluted second hand smoke into the collective American face:

"A review of the PACs of the top ten oil companies shows that over $700,000 in PAC money continues to flow in the first nine months of the 2005-2006 cycle. These ten oil company PACs gave out a total of $712,290 to federal candidates, plus other funds to party committees and leadership PACs. Of the $712,290 total, eighty-five per cent ($608,350) went to Republican candidates, 14% ($102,940) went to Democratic candidates, and 1% ($1,000) went to others. The top recipients in 2005-2006 were Rep. Joe Barton $31,500; Sen. Conrad Burns $23,500; Rep. Tom DeLay $22,500; Rep. Richard Pombo $21,000; Sen. Craig Thomas $20,500; Sen. George Allen $20,100; Speaker Dennis Hastert $20,000; Sen. Trent Lott $16,000; Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison $12,250; and Sen. John Ensign $12,000. "

Senators Burns, Lott, Bailey Hutchison, Ensign and Allen all sit on the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee (one of the two Committees holding the hearing).

"The members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee received the most, $110,550. They were followed by members of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transporation Committee $99,350. "