Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Presidential Approval Ratings ...

Only mean that main man's base is cooking with a little gas and not sputtering sparkles on lighter fluid as before, disenchanted with his lack of conservative chutzpah on hotbutton (but pragmatically marginal) topics. "Stay the course" is doublespeak for "energizing the base" which has been this Administration's key political focus since it's election and first term. The other entire half of the country doesn't count and is relegated to disgruntled minority electorate.

After every significant speech or timely press conference, media heads seem to gush love for the anti-intellectual, then push poll data headlines which give the impression he's doing something right on matters clearly wronged. So, we expected the poll numbers to "increase" following his insincerely scripted eye shift and arm gesture plea of a speech that fell several teleprompter paragraphs short of the Churchillian moment sought after.