Tuesday, August 08, 2006

CONNECTICUT - The Power of the Black Vote in a Place Where You Don't Think it Exists ...

Come on, now, admit it: think about Connecticut and you don't even put that state's name and "African American" or "Black" in the same sentence. But, apparently, the Black voting bloc (11%) in CT is so hot, that everybody's rushing up there to get in the game:

Actor Danny Glover will be in the state today to support New Haven Mayor John DeStefano, who also had recent visits from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. DeStefano's gubernatorial primary opponent Mayor Dan Malloy of Stamford countered with state Treasurer Denise Nappier, former New Haven Mayor John Daniels, New Haven state Rep. William Dyson and Hartford minister the Rev. Alvan Johnson on his black VIP list. Lamont has had Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Sharpton and Jackson in state talking him up. Lieberman trumped them all by bringing in Clinton - the first black president - for the Waterbury stop.

Where's 50 Cent?

Anyway, a lot to analyze here - a real gauge of how the Black vote will influence key battlegrounds in '06 ... and in '08. How effective are figures like Jackson, Sharpton, Waters, Glover, etc.? Does their message still resonate? And, certainly, Bill Clinton's visit was more than a stump - it was a big toe in the electoral waters, feeling out prospects for his wife's '08 candidacy. And, not talked about as much is lack of Black political establishment support for Lieberman, who has clashed with that group before over his resistance to affirmative action policies.