Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Baltimore Sun's Gregory Kane gets Raw ...

Here's an interesting piece in today's that everyone should take a peep at. Desperate times call for desperate measures in Kane's view, who is no stranger to controversial commentary:

That woman from Southeast D.C. and other law-abiding black folks should channel into that history of Williams and the Deacons. They should join the NRA, buy some weapons and then announce to city officials that they’re prepared to defend themselves against criminals.

It's hard to argue with Kane on this point given the continuous and deterioriating situation in major urban centers. However, the point missed here is prevention and the community's ability to preempt rising crime through internal social, cultural, familial, educational and economic mechanisms. Effective parenting, basic financial literacy and fixing broken windows can be a lot more useful than a last-resort call-to-arms. We need to be a bit more creative.