Thursday, September 28, 2006

N***a Moments Cont'd: At Least Webb is a Little Honest About It ...

The media infatuation with political candidates and racial slurs continues as the VA Senate race seems void of any issues:

Democratic Senate candidate James Webb on Wednesday sought to explain remarks he had made a day earlier, in which he refused to say whether he had used the "N-word," but he insisted he has never used it as a racial epithet aimed at anyone.

"I don't think that there's anyone who grew up around the South that hasn't had the word pass through their lips at one time in their life," he told the Richmond Times-Dispatch on Tuesday. "If you read 'Fields of Fire,' that word and a lot of other words are in the book." "Fields of Fire" is a novel Webb wrote about the Vietnam War.

At least Webb is somewhat honest about it. We appreciate that to a degree. But, it'd be nice to find out about the platforms and the issues that really impact Virginians. In the end, the voters in that state risk losing out when the focus is on what these guys have said as opposed to what they have done or can do as elected officials. Definitely a bad year in leadership picks for the Commonwealth.