Friday, October 27, 2006

Krauthammer's Case for Obama - Winning by Losing

An honest Charles Krauthammer with some fairly reasoned advice for Illinois freshman Senator and Presidential aspirant Barack Obama (D). We see where he's going with this. But, that's proposing a potential waste in time, money and resources:

Nonetheless, he will not win. The reason is Sept. 11, 2001. The country will simply not elect a novice in wartime.

In 1956 Kennedy was preparing for a serious presidential run in 1960. Obama should be thinking ahead as well -- using '08 to cure his problem of inexperience. Run for the Democratic nomination and lose. He only has to do reasonably well in the primaries to become such a compelling national figure as to be invited onto the ticket as vice presidential nominee. If John Edwards, the runner-up in '04 did well enough to be made running mate, a moderately successful Obama would be the natural choice for '08.

Then, if the Democrats win, he will have all the foreign policy credentials he needs for life. Even if the ticket loses, assuming he acquits himself reasonably well, he immediately becomes the presumptive front-runner in the next presidential cycle. And if by some miracle he hits the lottery and wins in '08, well, then it is win-win-win.