Friday, June 10, 2005

The Third Way ...

Marshall Whitmann in says current conditions might help a third party grow in time for the 2008 presidential election.
"As the new Washington Post survey shows, independents are particularly estranged from the Bushies. The overall electorate is annoyed by both parties and the Washington politicians. The deficit is growing and the economy is anemic. The popularity of the Iraq war is plummeting and no end is in sight."These are combustible conditions that could very well produce a third force in American politics. It is striking how similar the current situation is to that in 1992 when Perot emerged."

But, there may be more evidence of an alternative popular "third way" of political advocacy rather than a "third party." In addition, there are already third parties - there are a plethora of political parties in the U.S. Questions remain as to whether or not they can raise funds and financially compete with the two party powerhouses. Is there will in the American gut to truly fund, support and vote for a "third party"? Or, really, isn't it about "independent candidates" and "independent voices"? There is a distinction between the independence of thought in politics and the formation of another set of talking points. We think the American electorate is more interested in the former.

Is it the party that defines the independence or is it the people? We thought parties are simply brick-and-mortar constructs to catapult political careers - we didn't know parties are the sole source of political discource and thought. Talk about group think; if we're not careful, we're going to Orwell ourselves into body politic oblivion.