Friday, July 15, 2005

Where is Bob Novak?

New York Times reporter Judith Miller in jail. Karl Rove facing his toughest political battle yet and the possibility of further inquiry (criminal penalties? We seriously doubt that based on our informal gauge of the Republican fraternity - not anytime soon, at least). And Time journalist Matthew Cooper almost pressed into judicial oblivion himself.

Everybody else seems under fire. We have to ask: What's up with Robert Novak? Our admitted (and, to some degree, chosen) ignorance on this subject precludes us from passing too many judgements, but shouldn't Novak be getting his fair share of time on the media spit? Instead, the Bah Humbugsman of the Right is seen chillin' on the talking head circuit like this latest scandal is a passing wind. Didn't all of this start with him? Shouldn't he be wearing orange and laid up on musty prison mattresses, too? Just asking ...