Monday, February 27, 2006

Harper's Big-Up of Conyers ...

The attached is a fairly compelling piece excerpted from the March 2006 of Harper's Magazine, written by Harper's editor Lewis Lapham, giving new life to Congressman John Conyers' (D-MI) call for House impeachment proceedings against President Bush.

Lapham admits: many failed or outright refused to lend any credibility to the respected, yet often rhetorical Conyers, who is known for his loquacious rebuttals and accusations against the Republican regime - plus, let's get real for a moment while we're on the subject: most White folks think raging Black Congress Members "fighting against the Machine" are simply crazed radicals or "militants" from a bygone era. It's the sticky stigma of "Black Anger" which transforms into the political world's chosen ignorance of concerns raised by the Black political establishment. Unfortunately, Conyers gets placed into that category too many times, viewed as a grumpy and old Black man parting with political reality. So, when he introduced House Resolution 635, commentators, pundits and other interlocutors of the dogmatic elite were already throwing their hands up in the air and dissing Detroit John - "here he goes again!" - without even giving him a chance.

This article begins to set that record straight and gives Congressman Conyers the benefit of the unfair cloud of media-induced doubt. It's definitely worth checking out. How amazed and confounded we continue to be over the fact that one President gets impeached for improper sexual conduct which breifly tarred the image of the Oval Office, yet the current President seems to get away with murdering the very foundation upon which the Constitution was built ... and unnecessarily ruining or taking many lives in the process. As much as the modern Republican establishment supports strict Constitutional interpretation, criticizing the judiciary for its activism, they are mighty quick to subvert it when politically convenient.