Wednesday, May 03, 2006

McKinney's Hustle ...

Georgia District 4 Congresswoman and controversy magnet Cynthia McKinney (D) may well be busting a sweat as hard as the one she spilled that fateful cell-phone beat-down day on Capitol Hill. Official word is well-known Dekalb County Commissioner Hank Johnson will make a run against her in the Democratic primary. Frankly, this is what District 4 needs, it's what the Congressional Black Caucus must be privately itching for and it's what the African American electorate needs as well. McKinney's trivial troubles on the Hill have created a backwards media stir. Here we get scant coverage of the CBC working successfully to avert a mass vote against the Voting Rights Act re-authorization, yet, over a month ago, McKinney's hair, temperament, cell phone grip and the disposition of her staff was all the pop culture rave.

This is Johnson's race to lose.