Thursday, March 23, 2006

Last night's show, AL!, 3.22.06

We don't do it often enough, but maybe we should post follow up blogs on the previous night's show since we're getting a bit of a following.

To that following, lounging on a worn desk chair while staring into streaming media or those cuddling up with loved ones to hear us drone on (and maybe you just like to hear our solid hip hop samples blasting over the cyber waves), we apologize for the very public airing of our technical issues last night. KVDU studio equipment is pressed for a major tune-up, hence the board gives us problems from time to time. But, it's been said that the University of Denver is kicking in some loot to install new equipment, given the rising popularity of yours truly ...

Back to the show - the legendary Dr. Walters spoke his piece last night about the 34th Anniversary Gary, IN Black Political Convention. The main focus was economic empowerment, which is way overdue. Still, every issue in the Black community is a critical issue, including our ability to collectively accumulate and manage wealth. When asked about any sort of generation gap (old school vs. new school) at the summit, Walters emphatically denied any talk of such, dismissing it as speculative and a way to divide-&-conquer.

Then, we got into that sham called the April 22nd New Orleans primary. For the record, Walters asserted in an earlier article (which we printed) that New Orleanians (especially displaced Black evacuees) should boycott the primary by not voting at all. However, last night, he indicated that he's re-evaluated his opinion and altered it somewhat from a week ago, suggesting that community leaders should make every effort to get out the vote - while recognizing a Republican-controlled state legislature is engineering a takeover. We'll wait and see what's next ...

2nd half, we called on our co-panelist and conservative stalwart Leon H. Wolf of for an open dialogue on Iraq. Surprisingly, Wolf did not maintain a traditional party-line assessment of the situation, but managed to remain unapologetically conservative, which is why we call him back quite a bit and find out what's up on the red side.