Monday, May 22, 2006

Nagin's Win & Jefferson's Loss

Katrina not only leveled a city, but it dramatically disrupted the political careers of prominent Black politicos running the dogged town. We find it surreal that at the exact moment one Black politician manages to escape political defeat and wins by a slim, yet healthy margin in the Mayoral race, the other - long known for his quiet demeanor - has his Capitol Hill home and office raided by federal agents and may well be facing a jail sentence in the future.

Jefferson will now be the next Delay, the Democrats' sacrificial lamb. The money in the fridge, videotaped bribes and indictments already add an extra edge to this sordid story that Delay's tale can't beat. We hope that doesn't translate into a lightning rod of animosity against other Black Members in Congress (like McKinney) since we have turntable pundits like Joe Klein suddenly focused hard on the flaws of three who stand to gain powerful House Committee chairs if all works out during the midterms. You know how it is - one messes up and it ruins it for the others. The story of our 400 years. The Committee chairs will be historic, and we're getting that familiar pit in the stomach that certain powers may not be feeling it.