Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Saving Face - A Vote for the District of Columbia?

On the surface, the GOP leadership would like to give the appearance of caving in to D.C. Statehood, Home Rule and Congressional vote advocates. This is a sign that the party is in serious trouble come 2006 - so what do you do? You seem as though you're endorsing a "Black" agenda of sorts since a few more Black votes could be the trick to get you over the top: A D.C. vote in Congress - sounds good; sure - we'll reauthorize the Voting Rights Amendment; not a problem - we'll pressure the White House to make some movement on the Darfur situation ... hey - and while we're at it, we'll give you a couple of African American senators and a couple of African American Governors. That should keep the Black masses happy.

Lot of smoke and mirrors to ensure minimal Black rage against the Republican machine.

But is this being seriously considered? Will the D.C. vote issue reach the House floor? Despite the optimism, that may be very doubtful. D.C. Delegate Norton has to keep the issue alive since, for the first time in a long time, she's being challenged in the primary. So, she's on fire to maintain her image as fearless advocate, making certain everyone knows she got arrested yesterday for protesting outside the Sudanese embassy.

Maybe it'll get a vote once the African American population in the District drops below 50 percent, which may happen in the near future if current demographic trends persist.