Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bringing Closure to the Cosby Argument ....

Temple University Professor and Public Intellectual Marc Lamont Hill opines further on Bill Cosby in

To be clear, Bill Cosby doesn’t merely focus on one issue. Few people would be upset if he were focusing on individual responsibility as part of a larger project for social justice and Black prosperity. The problem comes when his clarion calls for good behavior undermine the equally if not more legitimate demands for living wages, quality education, and safe neighborhoods.

What's missing in the ongoing debate over Bill is where Bill is from. We tend to forget that Bill's hardened Richard Allen Projects North Philly roots offer a very real glimpse into where he's coming from. The Bill we see (and want to cherish) is the Jello gelatin guy in multi-cultural commercials; or that likable, Black middle-class, stable family brownstone dweller in the Cosby Show. Once we disassociate the T.V. Bill from the real North Philly Bill (Bill, Bill - HA! You old school thug you!), we will then arrive at an epiphany of sorts, realizing that what he's saying may not be so "vitriolic" or misplaced after all.