Wednesday, September 20, 2006

On Iran ...

This blog's assessment of the situation with Iran is not as ... upbeat as the Washington Post:

Slowly but surely, the White House has muddied what were once clear lines in pursuit of diplomacy. As recently as a month ago, the administration firmly demanded that Iran must first suspend its nuclear activities before the United States would join negotiations on the nuclear programs, but now U.S. officials have quietly acquiesced in a European-led effort to find a face-saving way for the talks to begin.

Everything will hinder on where the political winds blow in November. If American voters take the lower-gas-price bait and feel no one else can protect them from decapitating "Islamic fascists" and the insanity of Chavez/Castro/Ahmadinejad, then Republicans will maintain the power needed to bolster support for the Administration. Which is why the recent circus at the U.N. politically plays into Bush Administration election year strategies. The Administration, emboldened by mid-term wins, will assume that signals support for another war - with Iran. We would not be surprised if military actions against Iran were to follow if Republicans maintain control of Congress.