Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fox & Clinton - Round II

We went on a little blogging hiatus. Fingers needed stretching. So, the stuff below might seem a little old. Happy October ...

Fox News Sunday Host Chris Wallace made the curious move of re-hashing his memorable and very sharp-tongued interview with former President Bill Clinton on Sunday. Conventional wisdom has it that it became the flavor of the week, so naturally FNS focused on it. There was much more to it than that.

Not that we're defending anyone involved in this interview, but this blog is of the opinion that Wallace got clowned by Clinton. Most who viewed it in it's entirety got that. Wallace may not want to admit it, but his joke ended up joking him in the face - in fact, Clinton seemed to punk Wallace like a gesticulating football coach pounding the self-confidence out of a rookie water boy. That's our take - no need to go into the details. You can watch it for yourself at the FNS site because they can't seem to get past it ... or over it. We agree, though: it was great political drama.

Still, we think the greatest, most recent moment in Presidential folly was the recent NBC interview between Brian Williams and President Bush in which the Commander-in-Chief of the world's mightiest military machine desribed his reading list as "ec-e-lectic."

That's right. Not "eclectic" - he said "e-ce-lectic."

Our problem with all this revisionism is that it distracts us from some real issues - like: where is bin Laden and will he be found? Or: how exactly will this War on Global Terror end up? And: once again, why are we in Iraq?

Being caught up in Clinton's eruption may have turned into a rally cry for Democrats and a whining post for Republicans, but media talks less and less these days of how we ended up there in the first place. It seems generally accepted that this "liberation" was based on pretty solid "lies" ... ooops, excuse us before the Bush fundraisers, federal G-Men, right-wing talk show hosts and black helicopter posses shut us down (since that's what they've been doing more effectively than hunting down the most wanted man in the world) ... we mean "misrepresentation of the facts." The American public should simply accept this as a moment of bad governance and let bygones be bygones.

Last time we read the Constitution, it's not supposed to go like that.