Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"Steele Wins Prediction" ... 11 months later ...

LOL - So, check this out: here's another example of how Black media gets little love, especially around election time. More proof of why you don't see a lot of us or our perspectives on the big Sunday talk shows.

We sort of dug RealClearPolitics Jay Bryant's piece on Maryland housing "The Most Important Senate Race." Peeps on the right are getting real hype over the prospect of Black people voting big for a Black Republican ... or any Republican for that matter (thinking it means Black people are going to shift to the GOP, when all it really shows is that Black people care less about either party and are getting independent-minded enough to want some respect, power and representation).

Then we split ribs and spit jokes when conservative blogger Michelle Malkin posted this headline today like it was the biggest thing since sliced bread:

"Prediction: Michael Steele will win"

LOL - wait there's more ...

Real Clear Politics makes the call, dubbing Steele-Cardin in Maryland "The Most Important Senate Race."

You ain't sayin' nothin' new. made this prediction 11 months ago ... back in January '06, bamas! And - it was #1 on our list of "TOP FIVE POLITICAL PREDICTIONS 2006". Put some credit where the credit is due. But, since Black media and public policy experts get little respect and love (especially in a year where we're dominating battleground races), Malkin and Bryant will get props on the circuit for this as though it's a headliner. We really don't hate the players on this point - we simply find the game biased and unfortunate, a little racist and many reporters a little too lazy to pay attention.

Another point here: we can't blame these occassional oversights squarely on "The Man," lol. Truth be told that African American public policy experts and intellectuals are getting too predictable in their analyses and less daring in the predictions. We admit that's a bit odd for a "non-partisan" Black-focused political publication to predict a Black Republican win. The pundits never see that sort of thing coming.