Friday, August 11, 2006

Terror War & Politics ...

Not really digging the Washington Times ultimate slant on this, but here it goes:

As part of an effort to label Democrats as less qualified to protect Americans, Mr. Bush said the foiled plot is a "stark reminder" that "the nation is at war with Islamic fascists" and that his administration has "given our officials the tools they need" to fight it. With fewer than three months till the midterm congressional elections, the arrests set up a fight in Congress over those tools -- detention of terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and monitoring of terror suspects' bank records and phone calls.

The funny thing is that British authorities seem to be doing all the heavy lifting on this one while cats across the Atlantic are drowning in their own shouting matches. Goes on further ...

Lawmakers said they expect those fights to dominate the same way the creation of the Department of Homeland Security did in 2002. Then, Democrats were blocking Mr. Bush's plan for a new department on the grounds that it didn't include enough union rights for new workers.

That last statement comes off a little party-line. Although we remember there was a lot more to it than just union rights. Wasn't there some other stuff about bloated bureacracy, fear of worse coordination and, oh yeah, anxiety over an already misled FEMA being placed under another level of authority?