Monday, August 21, 2006

Ed Gordon's Beef w/ NPR ...

Richard Prince's Journal-isms column:

Ed Gordon, host of National Public Radio's "News and Notes" show, the network's 18-month-old attempt at programming to an African American audience, said today the network had communicated with him more frequently since Monday, when an article by television critic Eric Deggans in the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times noted that the show had lost 17 percent of its original audience and questioned NPR's ability to connect with African Americans.

But Gordon nevertheless voiced a number of frustrations with the network, ranging from a decision that led to George E. Curry, the editor of the National Newspaper Publishers Association News Service, leaving the show, to what he called a failure by NPR to own up to its own responsibilities for "News and Notes'" failures.

Maybe it's something else. Content maybe? Don't know. Still, what do you expect when the leading Black cable network doesn't even want to support a healthy news show line-up. But, many Black talk/pundit shows have to also avoid predictable content.