Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ice Cube the Pundit ...

This very, very brief piece in ContactMusic that was spotted just recently. It holds more meaning than it conveys:

Rapper/actor ICE CUBE is in no hurry to see a black president in the White House, because he isn't convinced black politicians make a difference. Ice Cube, real name O'SHEA JACKSON, insists black politicians such as former Secretary Of State COLIN POWELL and his replacement CONDOLEEZZA RICE, still can't changed life for poverty-stricken African Americans. The GANGSTA GANGSTA hitmaker says, "It doesn't matter who's in the White House, you've still got to get up and got to work in the morning. All that s**t doesn't concern me or the people in the inner cities. "Ok, it matters because of the significance in history, but life is still painful right now and we've got black people in positions of power right by the side of the President. Just because the President's black doesn't mean he's going to make the change."

Some may argue that Ice Cube, of all people, is barely qualified to speak on political issues. But, what qualifies anybody to speak on politics for that matter? Something in this statement highlights that growing perception, education and and class stratification taking place in the larger African American community. Still, we're not placing too much faith in Cube's ability to articulate political science - nor do we endorse him for any elected office. We are encouraged to see him engaged in the issues, however, even if he's missing some details.

It all depends on what change is expected. And, Cube seems insightful enough to realize that the authenticity assumption is not always a two-way street. So, in a manner some would deem crude, he actually expresses a bit of substance here. Hopefully, O'Shea Jackson at least votes.